What IS Title Insurance, Anyway?

Title insurance may not be as well-known or as well-understood as other types of insurance, but it is equally (if not more!) important. Title insurance protects your property investments in the event that someone else decides to stake a claim on your personal property. Having an accurate, experienced title insurance company on your side during any commercial or residential estate transaction can make all the difference.

Background Information

By purchasing real estate, you are essentially purchasing the legal right to use and occupy the land. When you make this purchase, you are given the "title," to the land. The term "title" can refer to your rights surrounding the use and ownership of the land or it can refer to the physical document (the deed) that declares you the rightful owner. 


Sometimes, title issues can arise. Titles can be limited by others staking claim over the property, which can cause you anything from minor frustration to great financial loss. Title insurance at the Lake of the Ozarks offers a secure risk prevention method that can help protect you from these types of dangers. 

The experienced title professionals at Arrowhead Title will conduct a careful, detailed search of all of the public land records to make sure no one else has any claims against the property and that there are no hidden issues. Examples of issues that could arise include:
  • Unknown Heirs
  • Errors in the Deeds
  • Mistakes in Public Records
  • Forgeries
  • Invalid Power of Attorney


At Arrowhead Title, we pride ourselves on being completely accurate with all of our title investigations. Some issues are unforeseeable, however, so having title insurance protects you from financial loss if any problems should arise in the future.

Arrowhead Title is here to provide you with accurate, dynamic solutions to all aspects of your real estate transaction. We are the Lake of the Ozarks' number one choice for professional title services or escrow and settlement services, and we look forward to serving you!

Where Accuracy Matters!


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