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Home Buyer Statistics For 2015

How old are most first-time home buyers? Do more single individuals or married couples purchase homes? How much does the average homebuyer earn on an annual basis? This week, the team at Arrowhead Title, Inc. is here to share with you some of the home buyers statistics from 2015. How do you stack up against the other buyers?

Information from the National Association of REALTORS® 2015 Profile Of Buyers and Sellers.

Characteristics of Home Buyers
The average home buyer is 44 years old and has a median household income of $86,100.18% of homebuyers are veterans. 3% of homebuyers are active-duty service members.13% of buyers purchase multi-generational homes to care for aging parents, to save money, and/or to accommodate children over the age of 18 who were moving back home.67% of homebuyers are married couples.15% of buyers are single females.9% of buyers are single males.7% of buyers are unmarried couples.The most popular reason people cite for buying a house is simply the desire to own a h…

6 Crazy Christmas Traditions

When we think about Christmastime, many of us think about stockings full of goodies, a delicious Christmas meal, and enticing presents under the tree - but these traditional visions are not the only ways people celebrate Christmas. There are a number of wild and wacky ways people choose to celebrate Christmas all across the world. Here are a few crazy Christmas traditions, courtesy of Arrowhead Title, Inc!

1. Japan
In Japan, it is a tradition to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken on Christmas Day. In fact, this tradition is so popular that residents may need to order their KFC several months ahead of time in order to guarantee they will have it on Christmas. Apparently, this tradition stemmed from a brilliant marketing campaign that dates back to the 1970s, when KFC was translated as "Kentucky For Christmas."

2. South Africa
In South Africa, fried caterpillars are considered a delicacy that is traditionally enjoyed on Christmas Day.

3. Mexico
In Mexico, many people traditionally carve rad…

AGENTS - Closing Checklist

Selling and buying homes at the Lake of the Ozarks is a big undertaking for everyone involved. The buyers, the sellers, the lender, the appraiser, the inspector, and the title company at the Lake of the Ozarks must all work together to ensure that everything progresses smoothly and accurately. We talk frequently about tips for buyers and sellers to simplify the process on their end, but what about ways the real estate agents can make their lives easier? 

Arrowhead Title, Inc. is here to help everyone, including the real estate agents. This week, we've put together a simple checklist to help agents avoid any issues at closing time. We hope you find it helpful!

Checklist For Real Estate Agents
~~ Fill out your closing control sheet.
~~ Provide payoff information from the seller.
~~ Provide social security numbers to eliminate additional requirements. (This is often necessary when ordering payoffs.)
~~ Is there a homeowners' association? If so, provide its name and number. Is there a s…

OUTSTANDING Charity Event - Lake Area Christmas For Kids!

It's that time of year again! Arrowhead Title, Inc. is here to fill you in on one of the Lake of the Ozarks' favorite annual events, Lake Area Christmas For Kids. This fantastic event is an awesome opportunity to raise money for a valuable cause - and have a wonderful time while you're at it. You're going to love this event!

Event Information:

This year's Lake Area Christmas For Kids will be held on Sunday, December 13th at the Country Club Hotel and Spa in Lake Ozark, MO. The VIP party will begin at 6:00 PM for individuals who have sponsored tables, and general admission will open at 7:00 PM.

General admission is $20 per person, PLUS a new unwrapped toy ($40 without a toy). Admission includes free hot appetizers and access to performances by several live entertainers. Shawn C will open the evening, followed by Captain Geech & The Shrimp Shack Shooters. There will also be a special performance by one of the Kiwanis Club of Ozark Coast's newest members, "C…

6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A House

The decision to buy a house at the Lake of the Ozarks is a big one and should not be made without careful consideration of all the associated factors. While the desire to own your own home may be there, it's important to make sure you are truly ready to make such a big commitment financially and mentally. This week, Arrowhead Title, Inc. is here to help you evaluate some of these associated factors. Here are of a few examples of the types of questions you should ask yourself before buying real estate at the Lake of the Ozarks.

1. Am I Ready For Such A Big Financial Commitment?
First and foremost, owning your own home is a huge financial commitment. As the homeowner, you and you alone will be responsible for making your monthly mortgage payment, covering the cost of any desired upgrades, paying for all of the utilities (trash, electric, water, sewer, etc), and paying for any necessary repairs. Owning your own house is also a valuable financial asset and can be a great tool towards bu…

Giving Thanks with Arrowhead Title

Thanksgiving is here, which means it's time to give thanks for all of the things in our lives that make us happy. It's not a time to worry about who has the flashiest car or who has the biggest house; Thanksgiving is simply about focusing on anything in your life that you are grateful for. In honor of this wonderful holiday, we thought we'd take a moment to share some of the things that we're grateful for here at Arrowhead Title, Inc.

We're Thankful For...

An Outstanding Team
We're honored to be recognized as one of the best title insurance companies at the Lake of the Ozarks, but we don't deserve all the credit ourselves. We owe our success to our amazing staff members who go above and beyond for our clients every single day, on every single transaction. We are so blessed to have an outstanding team that makes it a joy to come to work every day.

Our Amazing Clients
We can't thank our team without also extending some well-deserved gratitude to our incredible…

Holding An Open House - 17 Tips

If you are thinking about selling your home, holding an open house can be a great way to generate interest in your property and get several prospective buyers in your home at one time. Your property will be open to the public during your open house; anyone is welcome to come tour your home without a scheduled appointment. You can schedule your open house for any day or time, but weekend afternoons seem to be the most effective.

Arrowhead Title, Inc. is here to help you make your open house a success. If you are considering scheduling an open house in the near future, here are a few tips to help you with the process.

17 Tips For Holding An Open House

Direct traffic by placing a sign in front of your house.Have a flyer printed with important facts and key selling points.Keep small valuables hidden out of sight.Keep the garage door down.Make sure the front entrance is clear and inviting.Turn all the lights on.Open blinds and draperies to allow natural light in.Keep radios and TVs off (or on…

2 Quick And Crucial Facts About An Owner's Title Policy

Title insurance is generally considered one of the least-understood forms of insurance, but that does not mean it is any less important. Title insurance works to protect us as we purchase what is often one of the biggest investments of our lives: our homes. This week, the team at our trusted Lake of the Ozarks title company is here to help you get a better understanding of what exactly title insurance is and why it is such a crucial part of the home buying process.

TITLE INSURANCE - Owner's vs Lender's Policies

Before we delve into the specifics of an owner's policy, we need to make a quick clarification. Title insurance comes in two predominant forms: owner's policies and lender's policies:

The Lender's Policy, as its name suggests, serves to protect the lender as he/she make the initial investment on your home. In the event of a defective title or a homeowner who is unable to make their required mortgage payments, the lender's policy will provide financial p…

Home Selling Checklist From Arrowhead Title

Did you know? Prospective buyers can decide whether or not a potential home is right for them in a matter of minutes. If you're preparing to sell your house, you'll want to do everything you can to ensure your home makes a positive first impression with every potential buyer. The team at Arrowhead Title, Inc. is here to help with this quick checklist.

Remove any appliances or decorative items from counters.Make sure the kitchen is bright and attractive.Keep counters clean and uncluttered to add a sense of spaciousness.Consider new window treatments.Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the kitchen sink or on the counters.If the flooring is badly worn, replace it.Replace any loose or cracked tiles on counters and walls.
BATHROOMS Repair any dripping faucets.Unclog sinks, showers, and/or bathtubs that drain slowly.Always hang fresh, clean towels in the bathrooms.Update any old or outdated fixtures.Remove any stains from toilets, sink, bathtubs, and showers.Clean the bathrooms every …

Halloween Traditions From Around The World

When we think of Halloween, most of us think of dressing up in costumes, going trick-or-treating, and carving pumpkins with our friends and families. While these fun activities have become staples of our holiday traditions, but many other countries celebrate Halloween very differently. This week, the team at Arrowhead Title is here to broaden your horizons with this quick look at some of the different ways other countries celebrate Halloween.


Many Celtic families celebrate Halloween in many of the same ways we do. Children dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating. Some children also bob for apples or play "snap-apple," a game in which an apple is hung from a string and the kids take turns trying to bite into the dangling fruit. In some areas, Celtic people also light bonfires to honor the sacred fires burned centuries ago.


Halloween festivals in China are called "Teng Chieh." Traditionally, Chinese people place water and food in front of pictures of …

5 Crucial House Hunting Hints

We love helping new homeowners protect their investments with title insurance at the Lake of the Ozarks. Before they can protect their investments, though, they have to first find the home they want to invest in! This week, the team at Arrowhead Title, Inc. is here to help you find your dream home at the Lake with these quick and easy home hunting tips.

5 House Hunting Hints

1. Identify Your Priorities
Buying a house at the Lake of the Ozarks is a very exciting process. It's easy to get so swept up in thrill of it all that, if you're not careful, you get thrown off track. Before you spend too much time "oohing and ahhing" over the granite countertops or the endless view of the main channel, make sure that the home meets your basic requirements.

2. Bring A Notebook
When you tour multiple houses, the different properties will start to run together. Rather than taxing your brain trying to remember if the brand new carpet was in the same home as the tiny master closet, take n…

Reverse Mortgages FAQ - Part 2

Home equity is a valuable asset for multiple reasons. As one example, homeowners are able to turn their equity into cash via second mortgages. Also called reverse mortgages or home equity loans, these loans essentially enable you to borrow money against your house, so you can take advantage of your equity without having to sell your home.

Last week, our blog featured answers to some frequently asked questions about reverse mortgages. This week, we're here to finish the conversation with answers to a few more common questions.

Reverse Mortgage FAQ (Part 2)
8. Am I Responsible For Paying My Homeowners Insurance & Property Taxes
Taking out a second mortgage does not change any of your other responsibilities associated with homeownership; you will still be required to keep your insurance and property tax current at all times. In some situations, lenders can impound your taxes and insurance and pay them for you when they become due.
9. Does My House Have To Be In Prime Condition In Orde…