6 Crazy Christmas Traditions

When we think about Christmastime, many of us think about stockings full of goodies, a delicious Christmas meal, and enticing presents under the tree - but these traditional visions are not the only ways people celebrate Christmas. There are a number of wild and wacky ways people choose to celebrate Christmas all across the world. Here are a few crazy Christmas traditions, courtesy of Arrowhead Title, Inc!

1. Japan
In Japan, it is a tradition to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken on Christmas Day. In fact, this tradition is so popular that residents may need to order their KFC several months ahead of time in order to guarantee they will have it on Christmas. Apparently, this tradition stemmed from a brilliant marketing campaign that dates back to the 1970s, when KFC was translated as "Kentucky For Christmas."

2. South Africa
In South Africa, fried caterpillars are considered a delicacy that is traditionally enjoyed on Christmas Day.

3. Mexico
In Mexico, many people traditionally carve radishes to celebrate Christmas (much like we carve pumpkins on Halloween).

4. Germany
In addition to their standard array of Christmas ornaments, every household in Germany is traditionally equipped with a green glass ornament shaped like a pickle. The child who finds the pickle ornament hidden on the Christmas tree is awarded an extra present.

5. Czech Republic
In the Czech Republic, single women use the Christmas holiday as an opportunity find out if they will find love in the coming year. Traditionally, a woman stands with their back to a door and throws a shoe over her shoulder. If the shoe lands with the toe facing the door, she will find true love in the coming year. If the shoe lands with the heal facing the door, she will remain single.

6. Britain
In Britain, Christmas pudding is a hugely important (and symbolic) tradition. The pudding must consist of thirteen ingredients (representing Jesus and the twelve apostles), for example, and a bit of holly must be placed on top of the pudding when it is served to represent the crown of thorns. Before the pudding is finished, every family member must take turns stirring the mix from east to west to symbolize the three wise men and their journey.

Merry Christmas From Arrowhead Title, Inc!
No matter how you choose to celebrate your holiday, everyone at our Lake of the Ozarks title company hopes you and your family have a safe and Merry Christmas! If there is ever a way we can be of assistance, we hope you'll reach out to us and let us know. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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