5 New Year's Resolutions For The Prospective Homebuyer

Whether you are buying your first home or selling your current house and buying a new one, there will likely be a seemingly endless list of tasks and copious amounts of paperwork along the way. If you approach the process correctly, however, it doesn't have to be challenging. Our Lake of the Ozarks title company is here to help. If you are considering buying a new home in 2017, you can set yourself up for success by adopting the following New Year's Resolutions.

1. I Resolve To Not Open Any New Lines Of Credit
When you are applying for a mortgage loan, your lender will carefully evaluate all aspects of your financial situation. Having a stable credit history is important, as it demonstrates to lenders that you are reliable and trustworthy. If you are preparing for the possibility of taking out a mortgage loan, you'll want to keep your finances solid and constant. This is especially critical once you begin applying for a mortgage loan, as opening new lines of credit (such as taking out a loan for a new car or opening a new credit card), can disrupt the entire loan approval process. 

2. I Resolve To Look At The Big Picture (Financially)
As a homeowner, you will be responsible for all the expenses associated with running a household. This may include (but is not necessarily limited to) the mortgage, insurance, property taxes, utilities, maintenance and repairs, and upgrades or remodels. You will, of course, also be responsible for the general costs of living (groceries, vehicle maintenance and gas, childcare, health insurance, etc). In order to determine how much house you can afford, it's important that you look at the big picture to realistically identify all your expenses.

3. I Resolve To Look At The Big Picture (Environmentally)
Your financial situation isn't the only big picture that needs attention as you prepare to buy a home at the Lake of the Ozarks. As you tour prospective properties, it is essential that you look beyond each home you visit so that you can consider surrounding areas as well. What is the neighborhood like? How long will it take you to drive to work? How far are you from the nearest grocery store? External factors such as these will significantly impact how much you enjoy your home, so it's important to look at this big picture as well.

4. I Resolve To Get Preapproved Before House Hunting
Browsing available homes online and contacting your agent to schedule home showings is arguably the most exciting part of buying a home, but it shouldn't be your first step. First and foremost, you should schedule an appointment with a mortgage lender to begin the preapproval process. This will ensure that you only search for homes that are realistically within your price range, and it will also better position you to begin the negotiation process once you find the home you want.

5. I Resolve To Select Arrowhead Title, Inc. As My Title Company
This selection process is up to you. As the homebuyer, it will be your responsibility to decide which Lake of the Ozarks title company you would like to facilitate your transaction. We hope you'll consider Arrowhead Title as your trusted resource. We have been serving the Lake Area since 1984, and our experts have significant experience facilitating a wide range of both residential and commercial transactions. If you would like more information about our title services at the Lake of the Ozarks, visit our website at ArrowheadTitle.com or call us at (573) 302-1950.

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