6 Common Mistakes First-Time Sellers Make

Many professionals talk frequently about the unique challenges people face when buying their first homes, and less attention seems to be given to people trying to sell their homes for the first time. Nevertheless, selling your home can be a daunting task, and it's important to give plenty of attention and resources to first-time sellers. Since we blogged about some common mistakes of first-time homebuyers last week, it seems only fitting that our Lake of the Ozarks title agency finish the conversation this week by addressing some of the common mistakes people make when selling their homes for the first time. 

1. Not Taking Enough Listing Photographs
It's true what they say - a picture is truly worth a thousand words. If buyers aren't impressed by the pictures they can view of your house online, they will likely skip over your property and continue searching elsewhere. If you want to grab buyers' attention, you have to have plenty of high-quality photographs you can use to advertise your home.

2. Pricing Your Home Too High
Overpricing your home can be a death sentence for what you hoped would be a speedy sale. When your home is priced too high, you'll hurt your property's visibility by limiting your pool of potential buyers. If you eventually drop your price you may start to seem desperate, which may limit your negotiating power.

3. Pricing Your Home Too Low
While pricing your home too high is never smart, it's also not a good idea to actively publicize the lowest price you'll accept. Most buyers plan to negotiate with sellers in hopes of saving a little extra money - they will only submit full-price offers in rare situations. When determining your listing price, you may want to leave a little bit of wiggle room.

4. Not Staging Your Home
Effectively staging your home is an essential component of preparing it for the market. "Staging" is the art of cleaning, organizing, and arranging your home so that it is show-room ready. It's important to do this before taking your listing photographs, but it's also smart to keep your home staged so it will be in good condition when potential buyers visit the property. Staging your home helps buyers envision how they may use the property.

5. Neglecting To Keep Your Home Clean
Keeping your home meticulously clean is time-consuming (and sometimes downright exhausting), but it is essential if you want your home to sell quickly. Nothing turns potential buyers off faster than grimy countertops and dust bunnies in the corners. Because you may only have an hour's notice before you have to leave so there can be a showing, your best bet is to keep your home clean all the time.

6. Trying To Hide Major Problems
No house is perfect. Most buyers expect having to deal with minor issues here and there. However, if your home is in need of major repairs, you may have more trouble selling it. Your best bet will likely to be to take care of the repair before listing your home. If you are not in a position to make the repair yourself, you can adjust your asking price accordingly. However, don't make the mistake of trying to cover up the issue in hopes that the buyers won't notice it. It is guaranteed to show up on the inspection report, so you might as well address it from the beginning.

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