7 Benefits of Title Insurance

If you are considering purchasing real estate at the Lake of the Ozarks, especially if you are a first-time home buyer, title insurance should be something you are thinking about. Buying a home is exciting but there are steps that you need to take to ensure you are protecting your investment. At Arrowhead Title, Inc, where accuracy matters, we are here to help you protect your future investment. Some of you might be asking, what is title insurance? Here we will tell you what title insurance is and seven benefits of purchasing title insurance with the best title insurance company at the Lake of the Ozarks.

What is Title Insurance? 

When you purchase real estate, you are purchasing the right to occupy the property and the right to use the land. When you purchase title insurance you are protecting yourself from loss of property from possible liens, defects from the title, unknown heirs, mistakes in the public records, and other various problems that could be wrong with the title of the real estate you are about to purchase.  Title insurance is different from other insurance such as car or health insurance. This is because unlike car or health insurance, title insurance protects you from previous incidents that could have taken place rather than future incidents. Title insurance is a one-time payment paid at closing from your escrow account versus a monthly or yearly premium you would pay for car or health insurance.

1. Proper Title Records 

It is the title insurance agencies job to research the history of the property. Arrowhead Title is here to ensure when you purchase your real estate, your name is listed as the owner of the property in public records. If you do not purchase title insurance, you could run the risk of losing your property in the future if the land title is not recorded correctly.

2. Unidentified Heirs 

This might sound crazy but there is a possibility the property you are purchasing is in someone's will and it was overlooked. This means that the title of your property is actually in someone else's name and you are not the rightful owner of the property.

3. Real Estate Scam  

Picture this, you found your dream real estate at Lake of the Ozarks and you went through the entire home buying process taking up your time and money. You thought you were dealing with ethical sellers but then you find out the sellers documents were forged and they don't own the property. Avoid a real estate scam and purchase title insurance with the best title insurance at the Lake of the Ozarks.

4. Property Liens 

If the sellers have unpaid taxes on their home, they cannot sell the property until those taxes are paid. These unpaid taxes put a lien on the property. Before you purchase a property you should purchase title insurance. Purchasing title insurance can prevent unexpected problems that arise in the real estate purchasing process.

5. Encroachments 

An encroachment is when someone, typically your neighbor, builds across your property line. If someone has built a fence or building structure on your future property, your title insurance can help you sort out this issue. If you are paying for property, you should be able to utilize the entire piece of land. Before you purchase real estate, you should know where your property line is.

6. Errors in Property Deed

Having an error in your future property deed can cause you a lot of trouble, and title insurance can help you avoid these errors. For example, the number of acres the property actually comes with could differ from what is on the deed. Previous owners could have sold off part of the land without updating the deed.

7. Protecting Your Investment 

Purchasing real estate is an investment. When you purchase real estate, you should make sure that you are getting what you paid for! When you purchase title insurance you can be reassured that your your investment is without a doubt in your name and the deed is free of any potential problems.

Before you take the next step in your real estate purchase, contact Arrowhead Title, Inc. We are the Lake of the Ozarks most trusted title company and we can help you protect your future investment. Remember, accuracy does matter! Don't risk losing your property in the future or paying costly lawyer fees down the road, call us today at 573-302-1950.

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