3 Tips on How to Choose a Great Closing Date!

If you have the option to choose your closing date, there are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration first. As the best real estate closing company at the Lake of the Ozarks, Arrowhead Title has important tips to help you navigate the closing date selection process. Give our experts a call with any questions you have about your closing – we are happy to help!

How Long Between the Offer Date and the Closing Date?

Buying a home requires a very different process than any other kind of purchase. From the time your offer is accepted, it can take 4-6 weeks to officially close on your home. Sometimes it can take even longer if title issues arise. (Get title insurance through Arrowhead Title to help protect against these!) This is because the underwriting and title search processes have to be very thorough. These extensive searches help uncover any issues that may arise for the lenders on your credit or for you on your title.

Give yourself at least 30 days from the offer date to provide adequate time to complete everything necessary. We recommend choosing a date 30-45 days from the offer date if possible, to give yourself, the underwriters, and the title company plenty of time.

What Days Are Better for Closing?

When determining your closing date, try to avoid choosing a Friday. While our experts at Arrowhead Title are professional and take their time to ensure complete accuracy, other companies may not have the same principles. Others may be eager for their weekend plans and rush your transaction. This could cause them to make errors or miss important information on your closing documents.

Try not to choose the last day of the month. Some homebuyers lean toward the end of the month when choosing their closing date because they are trying to save money on prorated interest due at closing. While the last day of the month can help save, it could be better for your closing process to schedule the date a little before the end of the month so all businesses involved can focus more completely on your transaction rather than potentially being distracted by closing out the month.

There is a financial strategy to which day of the month you choose as well. If you are closing in July, your first mortgage payment will be September 1st. The interest will vary, however, depending on which day of the month you close. If you close on the 27th, you will owe 4 days’ worth of interest at closing. If you close on the 7th, you will owe 24 days’ worth of interest on the closing date.

Choosing a day about one week before the month’s end can help reduce the pro-rated interest you owe at closing while also avoiding the end-of-month rush that some businesses experience.

What is the Optimal Time of Day for Closing?

When setting your appointment for closing, consider selecting a time in the morning or early afternoon so you won’t feel rushed at the end of the day. Also, take your bank’s hours of operation into account in case you need an adjusted cashier’s check for our down payment, or if they need to be reached to verify the check.

Experts in Real Estate Transactions

When considering what date to select for your real estate closing, keep these tips in mind…
  • Give yourself and the businesses you work with time to complete necessary searches.
  • Choose a date in the month that helps keep the focus on you.
  • Schedule a time in the day that allows every party to feel comfortable taking their time.

Set yourself up for success and contact Arrowhead Title to schedule your ideal closing date. We are the best title company at the Lake of the Ozarks and our professional team will work with you to ensure accuracy on your real estate transaction regardless of what date you choose. Call today!

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