Why Buying Your Vacation Home in the Winter Could be Perfect

You know you want to move to the Lake of the Ozarks and make your lakeside living dream come true. Congratulations! As you consider when to start the home buying process, you may want to think about buying your home in the winter for several reasons. Arrowhead Title is the best title company at the Lake of the Ozarks and we have been established at the Lake for 35 years. Our experience has shown us that it can actually be better to buy a home at the Lake in what is commonly considered the "off-season". Read on to learn more about why buying a home this winter could be the perfect move for you!

Prices Trend Higher in Warmer Months

Homebuyers are much more active in the warmer months because they are more motivated and pressed for time to buy their lake home before the summer season begins. This over-saturation of demand can drive the prices up. Sellers know that there is more competition for their home, so they list at higher prices and can make interested parties compete with one another in a bidding war.
In the wintertime, sellers may have had their homes listed on the market for a while and are ready to get it off their hands. A motivated seller means that you can potentially bargain for a lower price.

See the Good, Bad, and Ugly

Homes tend to show their true colors in the winter months when their systems are strained to keep up with the cold weather. You will be able to effectively test the heating system in your potential new home. You will also be able to easily tell whether or not the home is sealed enough to stay efficient in the colder months. If there are cracks and leaks, cold air will be flowing into the rooms and the heater will struggle to keep up. This could be an important deciding factor for the home of your dreams. Viewing houses in the winter will also help you gauge whether or not your vehicle can handle the roads leading to the house when conditions aren't sunny and dry.

Closing Timeline

Because there are more homebuyers searching for their forever home in the warm months, the closing process in the spring and summer could also be somewhat slower. Underwriters will be bogged down by other applications and it may take several days or weeks for them to review your information and request new items they need for approval. In the winter, there are fewer real estate transactions happening, so the timeline can sometimes move a bit faster and smoother. For any time of year, you can always depend on Arrowhead Title for fast and accurate service. You are always our priority!

Moving Process

Moving in the winter may sound like a daunting task with the potential snow and bad weather that may cross your path. However, the process could actually be much simpler in the wintertime than it would be in the summer. In summer, your close friends and family that you're counting on to help pack may be on their annual vacations. Finding an available and highly-rated moving company in the busiest season can also be very difficult. In the winter, it could be easier to find a mover and people to help you with the moving process in general.

The interior of your home could also be set up and settled before the warm season arrives. You will be able to enjoy the first tastes of spring and summer without having to worry about unpacking, decorating, or completing renovations.

Your Winter Real Estate Transaction

We think that buying a home in the winter months could be a great idea for you! You may be able to enjoy lower-priced homes, the chance to investigate the home, a faster closing process, and an easier time moving if you choose a winter timeline. No matter what time of year you decide to purchase your dream home at the Lake of the Ozarks, Arrowhead Title is here for you and ready to guide you through the closing and escrow process. Call today! 573-302-1950

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