Dog-Friendly Features to Look for in a Home

At Arrowhead Title, we know that pets can be an important part of the family. As you are looking for your next home, you may be thinking about how to make sure it will be a good home for everyone in the household - including the family dog. Arrowhead Title has some tips for you on what to look for in your next home to make sure it is pet-friendly. Read on to learn more!


If your dog is an "inside dog", then it is important to make sure the interior of your new home will be able to properly accommodate your dog and his place in your life. 


If you have a large dog (typically considered 50 pounds or more), then it is probably a good idea to have an open concept layout in your next home. If the home is too closed off with lots of hallways and small, sectioned-off rooms, then your dog could start to feel cooped up and may start acting out. 

Dog Room

Some people look for homes that will provide a special, designated space for their pets. If your dog cannot be loose in the house while you are away, having a designated room for them is a must. This allows them to have a space of their own where they know they are safe, while also having plenty of room to move around and stay occupied. You likely won't want to have the dog's space be combined with the guest bedroom or the office. Using the guest bedroom could be a problem because then they don't have anywhere to go when you have house guests. And the office is not a great idea because you could lose important items if Rover gets bored of his toys and tries to go after the computer cords. 

Mud Room

Mud rooms are typically tiled and some have a space where a walk-in shower can be installed. This is a priceless feature for someone with a pet that likes to get into dirt, mud, lake water, or snow sludge. These rooms give you the ability to give the dog a bath and allow them to dry off all in one space, which also happens to be easy to clean. 


Even if your dog isn't a full-time "outside dog", it is important to consider the outdoor features of the home and how they will work out for your pet. 


The backyard is one of the most important home features for a dog. If you have a small dog (around 15-25 pounds), then you probably don't need a very large space. But it's still important to provide a safe and comfortable environment for them to do their business and get a little exercise. Grass or turf is really important to ensure your pet doesn't get their paw caught in the rocks or have their nails worn down too far from concrete. It is also better to use a fence to keep your dog at home than it is to put them on a chain. In fact, in many states they have banned the use of tethers and chains for more extended periods of time as they can be physically and psychologically damaging to a dog. Instead, install a fence that is high enough to prevent your dog from jumping over and getting lost.

Neighboring Areas

When looking for a new home, make sure you are near businesses and attractions that are important to your dog's health. For example, make sure there is a veterinarian nearby. It could also be helpful to have a dog park, walking trails, grooming businesses, etc. close to your home in order to provide your dog with exercise, care, and socialization.

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