Family Fun Outdoor Activities!

Spending too much time inside can start to feel frustrating, especially when you consider that it's important for our bodies to get sunshine for vitamin D and fresh air away from indoor pollutants. Arrowhead Title has been part of the Lake of the Ozarks community for several decades, and we are here to help give you some ideas on how to spend more time outside with the whole family.

Get Moving

Shake off the dust from your hiking shoes, bikes, kayaks, and anything else that can help you get moving this summer. You don't have to have a big activity planned to enjoy some great quality time outdoors with the family. Explore a new trail, learn how to kayak or paddleboard, or even see who can move for the most miles over the summer. Staying active in the great outdoors is a good way to spend time together and get the exercise and vitamin D your body needs to be healthy and happy.

Be Creative Together

Try creating something together as a family to stretch your imagination muscles and shake the cobwebs out of your mind. Work together to create a sidewalk or driveway mural with chalk. You could even create your own story with each family member making their own chapter on the pavement! Craft bird feeders from pine cones, leftover toilet paper rolls, and other materials you can easily find in the yard or in your home. Cover the holder in peanut butter and then roll it in birdseed. Once you tie it to the railing outside, you can enjoy watching birds and squirrels flock to your porch for a snack.

Enjoy the Lake!

Being at the Lake of the Ozarks, we have the tremendous advantage of having a great place to get outside and play - the lake itself! Even if you don't personally own a boat, there are a lot of ways to enjoy the water at the Lake of the Ozarks. Rent a boat from a local boat rental company, break out those kayaks and get paddling, or simply find a great place to swim and get some exercise.

Fun at the Lake of the Ozarks

Sometimes it can be difficult to think of creative things to occupy our time, especially if we have a lot more free time than we are used to. Don't get stuck in a rut this summer. Instead, get out and explore the great outdoors as a family! Arrowhead Title is here for you and the Lake of the Ozarks community, and we want to see you have a great, healthy, and fun summer at the Lake.

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