Tis' The Season to Buy Your Vacation Home

As we head into the holiday season the thought of gift-giving, holiday trips, and celebrations with family and friends begin to fill the mind. What better gift to give yourself this holiday season than the Lake of the Ozarks vacation home that you've always dreamed of!?

At Arrowhead Title, your premier title company at the Lake of the Ozarks, our decades of experience have shown us that buying a home during the holiday season has several advantages. In this week's blog, we'll showcase a few key reasons why buying real estate at the Lake of the Ozarks this holiday season could be a behooving move for you!

The Pricing Trend

The law of supply and demand holds true even during the holiday season. As the active spring and summer months bring a surplus of demand for buying homes before they miss out on the vacation season at the Lake of the Ozarks, prices skyrocket.

By the time the holiday season has rolled around, homes still listed have been on the market for some time and are more motivated to sell, as well as having fewer viewers due to the crowds lessening during the offseason. This gives you more negotiating power with your seller and could result in lower sales price or higher concessions, either of which being a win for you!

The Moving Process 

While many opt not to move during the holiday season due to worsening weather conditions and the potential of snow or ice, it can be an easier time to schedule moving. During the warm and active months of the year, many people are moving and therefore hiring all of the reputable moving companies, pushing out the date that they could assist in your project - and you don't want to skimp on these guys, quality matters! The big factor here is, the reputable moving company that was 3 months out from being able to schedule your project during the summer is now available the same week you'd like to move! And, while you could ask your family and friends, they're likely out enjoying themselves, taking part in all of the spring and summer excitement. It can be difficult to pin down a dedicated team to help you move. However, during the holiday season, you'll already be planning time and trips with family, making it more convenient to get a little assistance moving while you visit.

Holiday Closing Timelines

Just as the law of demand affects pricing, it also affects the timeline you can expect to close on your new home in. During the active warmer months everyone is buying and selling, which causes title companies, lenders, and other interested real estate parties to have more on their plate, leaving fewer and fewer windows to schedule your ideal closing time. But, when you buy doing the holiday season when activity has slowed, this gives these parties ample time to meet, if not exceed, your ideal closing timeline and give even more attention to your file.

As an expert in our field, Arrowhead Title can always provide accurate and timely title services at the Lake of the Ozarks - no matter the time of year!

Get the Full Picture

It's one thing to view homes during the warm season when the roads are clear, and a cool breeze and fans can help keep a home cool. However, when you view homes during the holiday season, you'll be able to uncover some important details about the home to ensure it suits your needs. For instance, during the colder months you'll be able to tell how efficiently the home is sealed and how well the furnace runs, is it able to keep you and your family comfortable? It's also a great way to see how your vehicle will handle the roads and driveway that lead to your potential home. If it doesn't check all of the boxes you at least have the knowledge to weigh out whether the home is the right fit for you.

At Arrowhead Title, we understand the wants and needs of our clients when buying or selling. And as your local title company at the Lake of the Ozarks, our area expertise has shown us just how beneficial it can be to purchase a home at the Lake of the Ozarks over the holiday season. Our dedicated team of escrow and settlement service experts are ready and willing to help navigate your real estate transaction. Give us a call today at 573-302-1950

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