Just the Facts: Deeds

 While deeds aren't necessarily the most fun topic to cover, they're an important document that helps to protect and prove your ownership rights to the property. As such, understanding the different types of deeds involved in real estate can be of great benefit to you. As the best title agency at the Lake of the Ozarks, Arrowhead Title is here to give you the facts on deeds and what each covers.

Trust-Held Deeds

Trusts are complicated if you don't understand the language. So, we'll start with some terminology first.
  • Trustee: The party administering the trust on behalf of the trustor
  • Beneficiary: Benefits from the trust
  • Trustor: The creator of the trust (aka: the Grantor)

Deeds of Trust transfer the title to the trustee from the trustor. These are required on mortgage loans at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Reconveyance Deeds transfers the title back to the trustor once loan obligations are met (paid off).

Trustee's Deeds transfer the title to someone other than the trustor. Most cases of this are when the title is being conveyed to a beneficiary. 

General Warranty Deeds

A warranty deed is the most common way to transfer title in the sale of a property. This deed guarantees the state of the title is good and allows recourse against future claims to the property. These provide the highest level of coverage to the grantee (the party receiving the deed). Seller's/Grantors are held to a standard by these deeds and can face legal action if those standards are breached.

Limited & No Warranty Deeds

Special Warranty Deeds guarantee that the grantor has the title and that there were no encumbrances at that time. This deed is commonly seen when people have temporarily held the real estate (corporations, trusts, etc - that don't use the real estate for their own benefit).

Bargain & Sale Deeds guarantee the grantor has the title. It offers no guarantee against issues with title or encumbrances. Commonly seen when real estate has been transferred from foreclosures or tax sales.

Quitclaim Deeds has no warranty. it conveys the interest the grantor has in the property. These deeds are most commonly used to transfer property between family members or to resolve minor errors on an existing deed.

Court-Executed Deeds

In the case of a legal issue, these deeds are executed without the consent of the real estate owner. These can include Administrator Deeds, Executor Deeds, Master Deeds, and Sheriff's Deeds. These deeds are typically enacted when a homeowner can no longer pay for the property. 

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