What’s the Difference: Title Commitment vs. Title Report

As your trusted title company at the Lake of the Ozarks, Arrowhead Title strives to educate clients about real estate title, escrow, and closing services so that they make informed decisions on their transactions. With that being said, do you know the difference between a title commitment and a title report? If not, this week’s blog will help to distinguish the two. Read on to learn more!

A Title Commitment

Simply, a commitment from the title agency to issue title insurance to the lender when financing the purchase of a home on behalf of a borrower. This commitment is issued after the title company has thoroughly reviewed public records through a title search. Ensuring that there are no potential pitfalls in prior ownership history or existing liens. This commitment will outline the conditions and exceptions that the company will cover in the insurance policy.

Commitment Conditions: are requirements that must be met for the title insurance policy to be issued.

Commitment Exceptions: are certain items or situations that will not be covered by the title insurance policy.

In short, the title commitment provides accurate information about the property and what the title insurance policy will cover (or not cover). This is invaluable for both the buyer and the lender when making a purchase.

A Title Report

Title reports are typically not issued during the real estate transaction like the title commitment is. These reports are issued to people who are interested in knowing the background of a certain property. This could be used for investigation reasons to discover things such as:

·         Anyone seeking to discover the public record of their property, including:

o   People considering selling their home

o   Attorneys

o   Banks

·         A recent heir taking procession of a property

·         Divorced individuals who want to know the legal ownership record of their property

·         Non-profit organizations that are receiving a donation of property

A title report is simply a report containing valuable information regarding the background of a subject property. This report is not in any form an agreement to provide title insurance or any type of coverage to the property.

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