5 Tips for Preparing to Sell Your Home in the Fall or Winter

Yes, it is true, more houses sell in the spring and summer.  But fall and winter can still be great times to sell your house at Lake of the Ozarks.  At Arrowhead Title, we help people with real estate closings year-round and we see some of the things people do to showcase their homes and make them look appealing during the off-season.  If you are preparing to sell your home right now and would like to know how to make it appeal to buyers more during this time of the year, keep reading this blog!

1) Curb Appeal

It may be a little more challenging to create the curb appeal this time of the year, but there are some simple things you can focus on that will help. Stay on top of the leaf blowing.  They may be falling daily when you are showing your house, so make a habit of clearing them regularly.  Consider having a winter planter box to add some interest.  If it is snowy when you show your house, clearing the sidewalks and plowing the driveway is essential for curb appeal and safety. 

2) Light

The days are shorter this time of year, and that means if people are viewing your house after work, they will be seeing it in the dark.  So, lighting can go a long way to make your home seem bright and open.  There are different temperatures or colors of light bulbs, so choose the color temperature that goes best with the colors in your home.  Try not to mix and match color temperatures too much.  Use floor lamps for dark corners and think about landscape lighting for pathways outside.

3) Cozy

Make the most of the season you are in by showcasing how cozy your home can be.  If you have an electric fireplace, turn it on.  Have a throw blanket on the couch or chair.  Place an unlit candle on the table and maybe a kettle in the kitchen near the stove to remind buyers of making hot cocoa or cider. Keep the seasonal décor to a minimum and don’t display it throughout the house – maybe just in the living room.  Finally, set your thermostat to a warm and inviting temperature. 

4) Clean

There is less to look at on the outside, and buyers may look a little more closely since they are inside for more of the viewing.  So, deep cleaning is even more important.  Check for the things that are easy to forget.  Dust your ceiling fans and look everywhere for spiderwebs.  Make sure your dishwasher and washing machines are clean and smell fresh.  Straighten up under your sink in case someone wants to check the plumbing.  Look at your cabinet doors and light switches to see if they are grimy and shake out or vacuum area rugs.

5) Photo Book

The more you can give your potential buyers a feel for what the home is like in the summer, the better.  A great way to do that is with a photo book.  If you have pictures of your house or fun times making memories there, you can put together a little photo book to display in your home for buyers to flip through while they are there.  It can be very effective for helping them picture themselves in the home having fun with their own family.

We hope you find these tips helpful as you are preparing to sell your home this fall or winter.  If you have any questions at all about the selling process, we are happy to help.  Arrowhead Title in Lake Ozark has been handling real estate closings at the Lake of the Ozarks since 1984 with accuracy, integrity, and efficiency from start to finish. We care about each and every client and we would be honored to be there for you, too.  Be sure to follow us on social media at the channels below for more tips and information about real estate at the Lake of the Ozarks

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