Real Estate Closing Dates - Delays and What Causes Them

There are a lot of moving parts that must come together to complete a real estate transaction. Some can be quite complex and if everything doesn’t fall together as it should, your real estate closing date can be delayed. After you have a signed contract, you will have an appraisal done, you will have an inspection done, there will be a title search, and you will get a mortgage commitment from your bank. If those don’t come through as expected, delays may result. If the seller has contingencies, that can affect your closing date as well. When you hire an experienced title company at Lake of the Ozarks, they should be in touch with you throughout the entire process and let you know if anything occurs that could affect your closing date. 

Repairs and Contingencies

It is possible that during the inspection, things will be found in the house that may need to be repaired before closing. If it is not feasible to get those repairs completed before the closing date, then the date will be pushed back. Contingencies also add variables. If the seller has a contingency in the contract that he or she hast to find a new house before closing on the one being sold, that can obviously create a delay as well.

Financial Changes

Between your preapproval and when you close on your home, you don’t want to make any changes in your finances whatsoever. Don’t switch jobs, don’t open any credit cards, don’t sign up for a line of credit at your local hardware store for a discount on your purchase. Don’t close any credit accounts or completely pay off any lines of credit. All these things will affect your credit score and that will directly affect your financing. About 30% of real estate closings that are delayed are delayed because of financing issues. That is unfortunate because it is more within your control. However, some people just aren’t aware that small actions can change your credit score and affect your closing. It seems counter-intuitive that it would be bad to pay off a credit card and close the account when you are getting ready to take on a mortgage. Until your closing, it is important to leave all credit accounts as they are. Finally, be sure to pay your bills on time and avoid liens of any kind. This is a busy time as you’re getting ready to move and dealing with forwarding addresses, etc. It’s a good idea to keep an extra close eye on your bills so nothing slips through.


If the home you are purchasing appraises at or above purchase price, then everything moves forward as planned. If the appraisal comes back for less than the purchase price, the buyer and seller will have to agree on how to move forward. They may split the difference, the seller may lower the price, the buyer may provide a bigger down payment. If it takes a long time to come to a mutual agreement, it could potentially delay your closing until an agreeable price can be determined.

Tidal Clouds

If defects are found during the title search, they will have to be corrected before you can close. Some title clouds are easily corrected, but others can be quite complicated. If something is uncovered that takes a considerable amount of time to resolve, your real estate closing may be delayed. If that happens, keep in mind it is worth the wait because you want to know beyond a shadow of any doubt that the title to the property you are purchasing is clear.

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