What Will You Be Signing On Closing Day? Arrowhead Explains.

When buying a house at Lake of the Ozarks, your closing day is one that you look forward to with anticipation. For you, it is a day that your dream of owning a home at Lake of the Ozarks finally comes true. For your title company, it is the day when all of the hard work and research comes together perfectly. When you come to the closing table there will be a number of documents for you to sign. Arrowhead Title believes very much and clear communication and making sure our clients know what is happening every step of the way. So in today’s blog, we will explain the documents you will be signing at your real estate closing at Lake of the Ozarks. For a better understanding of what your closing day will entail, keep reading this blog.

Loan Application

Your loan application is the document you filled out to apply for your mortgage. You will want to check over the application to make sure that the numbers are as agreed upon and expected. Don’t worry, your lender will be working with our agency throughout the entire process, and all parties will double and triple-check the numbers. But it’s always good for you to confirm that when you look over the application.

Closing Disclosure

The closing disclosure details the exact terms of your loan. It is a federally required document that tells exactly who is responsible for paying any and all fees, interest rate amortization, payment dates, and the monthly payment amount, as well as the amount of cash required to close. As with everything else you’re signing on your closing day, just be sure to look over the numbers and understand what you were signing. If you have any questions at all, ask your title agent at Lake of the Ozarks. That is what we are here for.

Promissory Note

In some ways, the promissory note is repeated information. But what is important to understand when signing this document, you are promising that you agree to the terms of the loan and will pay the payments as promised. It is a legally binding document that lists the full balance of the loan, the interest rate, the due dates, the amortization term, as well as any consequences for defaulting on the loan. Again, if anything doesn’t quite look right or makes sense, don’t hesitate to ask questions so you know you’re understanding what you’re signing.


The purpose of the mortgage is to legally document that the home will be used as collateral in the case of default on your loan. For the buyer, it means you will be given access to the money you need to buy the house. But for the lender, the mortgage document legally details that your lender will own rights to your home until the loan has been fully paid off. At that time, you will be given a deed of release which will terminate your mortgage lender's rights and show that you own your home free and clear.

Welcome to Your New Home!

After your real estate closing, it’s all about getting settled in and starting that new chapter in your life. It’s one of our favorite things about being a title company at Lake of the Ozarks. We get to see the joy that people feel when they are able to accomplish this milestone. If you are searching for your future home at Lake of the Ozarks, remember Arrowhead Title when it comes to your real estate closing. We know how much accuracy matters and we care about your real estate transaction and want it to be a pleasant and successful experience. In the meantime, if you are interested in hearing more about real estate at Lake of the Ozarks and helpful tips from our title company, we invite you to follow us on social media. You can find links to our channels below!


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