Title Insurance: Strengthening America One Household At A Time

Believe it or not, title insurance is an integral aspect of almost every single American's life. By benefiting each individual, we in turn work to strengthen the entire United States of America. While this may seem like a lofty claim at first, a closer look will reveal how our entire country can benefit from the title insurance industry.

We Boost The Economy
The economy thrives when citizens have more money in their pockets and, consequently, more money to spend at local businesses. By strategically timing our real estate closings, we save home buyers approximately $10 billion in interest every year. Not only that, but we save home buyers roughly $1 billion per day by speeding up the closing process. All of those dollars saved will stay in the hands of each American homeowner, which gives them more money to put back into the economy.

We Protect The Children
As every parent can tell you, raising children is expensive. When a child's parents divorce, the parent who does not retain custody of the child will typically be required to pay child support to help the custodial parent. When a parent fails to pay child support, a property lien may be placed against his/her home to enforce payment. On average, the title industry collects $325 million per year in past-due child support.

We Provide Peace Of Mind
It's no secret - buying a home at the Lake of the Ozarks is a big purchase. Homeowners and mortgage lenders alike put thousands of dollars into these purchases, and it's important for them to know that they can trust their investments. Our Lake of the Ozarks title agency provides peace of mind to both lenders and buyers - the lenders know that their initial investment will be protected, and the homeowners know that they cannot lose the title to their home in a covered claim.

We Protect The People
Real estate should be a safe world where people can be confident in their investments. Unfortunately, criminals sometimes attempt to take advantage of this industry and use it for nefarious purposes. Not only do title insurance companies and our underwriters help prevent criminals or terrorists from buying real estate, we also cooperate with law enforcement to arrest people who commit fraud through their real estate transactions.

We Strengthen Our Nation
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Similarly, our nation is only as strong as our weakest citizen. Title insurance professionals strengthen citizens and homeowners across the nation by helping to protect their investments and by helping to collect delinquent federal taxes. We collect an average of $1.75 billion dollars in delinquent taxes every year, which lessens the tax burden for everyone.

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