The Importance Of Title Insurance

Performing a title search and securing title insurance are crucial components of buying a house at the Lake of the Ozarks. Buying a home is a big undertaking (not to mention the largest investment you will probably ever make), so it's important to make sure your efforts are protected. Title insurance can help you do just that.

Why Do You Need A Title Search?

Before you close on your new home, we will conduct a title search to uncover any outstanding liens or other complications that may pose challenges down the road. Examples of these types of complications may include:
  • Errors in public records
  • Unknown or undisclosed liens against the property
  • Forged documents or signatures
  • Unknown easements

These things (and others) can threaten your ownership or enjoyment of your land, so it's important to uncover any issues before you close. This way, you will be able to resolve them before your new home becomes legally yours - and if they are unable to be resolved, you may have the opportunity to back out of the sale before it is complete.

Why Do You Need Title Insurance?

Homeowners insurance provides financial compensation in the event that a fire, natural disaster, or some other catastrophe damages or destroys the home you own, but what protects your right to own your home in the first place? Title insurance insures the title, guaranteeing that your and your descendants' right to your property will be protected.

While the title search aims to uncover any and all potential issues before the sale of the home is complete, mistakes can be made and things can be overlooked. Title insurance will protect you in the event that any previously unforeseen issues arise while you or your heirs have a vested interested in the property.

Just as you would never buy a home without purchasing homeowners insurance, you should never buy a house without investing in title insurance. Title insurance can be purchased with a one-time upfront premium, making it one of the most affordable forms of insurance a person can buy.

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