What Makes Title Insurance Unique?

Title insurance is possibly one of the least-understood forms of insurance, but that does not mean it is any less important. There are several factors that set title insurance apart from other forms of insurance, which is perhaps why title insurance is so poorly understood overall. This week, your trusted title company at the Lake of the Ozarks is here to identify some of the things that set title insurance apart and how these factors can benefit you.

Title Insurance Protects Against Future Hazards

How does your car, home, or health insurance work? These types of insurance offer financial compensation after an accident has occurred, such as a car wreck or a flooded basement. Title insurance, on the other hand, protects you by preventing accidents from occurring in the first place.

The title search that is conducted before a title insurance policy is issued works to uncover potential hazards before they have a chance to become problematic. Our focus on risk elimination gives you, the policyholder, the best possible chance for avoiding a title claim and/or financial loss.

Title Insurance Is Purchased For A One-Time Premium

It's time to think back to your car, home, or health insurance again. How do you pay for these services? You probably write a check for your health and car insurance every one to six months, and your home insurance may be a part of the escrow with your mortgage payment. Unlike these forms of insurance, title insurance is purchased for a one-time, upfront premium.

When you buy a house at the Lake of the Ozarks, you are responsible for several associated expenses. Earnest money, inspection costs, closing costs, cost of the title search, appraisal fees, closing costs, and title insurance are examples of these expenses. Since it is lumped into the general costs of buying a house, title insurance will not add any additional ongoing costs after you move into your home. Should the need for a title claim arise, your title company in Lake Ozark MO will work to resolve it without any additional to you.

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