Avoid the Risk of Losing Your Biggest Investment

If you're approaching the closing date for your new home, it's quite possible that you're feeling a bit squeezed by all of the costs you've been expected to cover so far - especially when you consider that you don't even own the house yet! Appraisals, inspections, earnest money... these things aren't cheap, and somehow you're expected to pay for all of them.

As the closing date draws nearer, you're probably looking for opportunities to cut costs in any way you can. While we certainly empathize with your predicament, your friends at Arrowhead Title, Inc. are here to make sure you know that title insurance is not the cost to cut.

Not Having Title Insurance Can Be Devastating
When you sign on the dotted line and become the proud owner of your new home, you also become the (maybe not quite as proud) owner of any problems associated with the house. The seller is off the hook.

What happens, then, if you find out afterwards that the seller was a minor or not of sound mind, and therefore unable to legally sell you the property? What if someone else shows up and claims that his great aunt died and left him that property, and that you're not the rightful owner. What happens if city officials come knocking on your door, claiming that they have legal ownership over part of your yard and they plan to put a street right through it?

If you do not have title insurance, you will responsible for fronting all of the costs associated with these types pf title issues. This typically means you are responsible for hefty legal fees, but they can even result in you losing your property. Not only will you have to pay all of the legal charges - you could lose your home.

If you purchased a owner's title policy, however, this is where your title insurance comes into play. Title insurance is purchased with a one-time, upfront fee (typically at closing), and thus no extra expenses are required on your part once a claim is made. Your title insurance company will work to resolve the issue as quickly and as painlessly as possible, helping you to keep your home.

When Your House Is On The Line, Title Insurance Has Got Your Back
Homes are the biggest purchases people make in their life time. When they buy a home at the Lake of the Ozarks, most make a promise that they will be paying off that home, a little piece every month, for up to thirty years. That's a huge financial commitment. With so much money involved, there's no way you would consider not having insurance on your home to protect it from a fire or serious storm. Title insurance is just another piece of that puzzle.

Don't risk losing the biggest investment you will ever make. As the most trusted title company at the Lake, Arrowhead Title would be happy to help you protect your most valuable asset. We will conduct a thorough, accurate title search in an attempt to clear any potential title issues before closing, and we will remain your steady allies in case some unforeseen issue presents itself down the road. When you need us, we will be there.


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