Tips for Choosing the Right Title Insurance

If you've ever bought a home, you know that the process requires the full (and careful) integration of many moving parts. The sellers, buyers, lenders, and real estate agents must work together to bring the transaction to a successful resolution. However, these important parties aren't the only ones who will be closely involved in the transaction process. While you as a buyer or seller may not realize it, a Lake of the Ozarks title company will also play a crucial role.

What Does The Title Company Do?
While first-time buyers generally do not understand the role a title company plays as well as they understand lenders' or realtors' responsibilities, that does not mean a title company's role is any less important. Here is a quick look at the types of responsibilities a title company will fulfill during the closing process:
  • Ensuring validity of the title
  • Issuing the title insurance policies
  • Serving as the escrow agent

Essentially, it is up to the title company to ensure that the title is real, valid, and eligible for sale, that the buyers' and lenders' interest are protected by their respective title insurance policies, and that all monies are distributed to the appropriate parties.

Choosing The Right Title Company
As the buyer, it will be up to you to choose the title company you wish to facilitate your transaction. Given the important roles that your title company will fulfill, you'll want to be confident that you choose an agency that will meet your needs and keep your best interests in mind. Here are a few characteristics to look for in a title company.

Characteristics To Look For In A Title Company:
  • Responsiveness - Do they answer calls and/or return calls in a timely manner? Will they answer your questions quickly?
  • Timeliness - Will they handle your transaction efficiently? If your closing date changes, will they be able to accommodate the new time frame?
  • Proactiveness - Do they anticipate your needs? Do they anticipate potential issues and address them before they can become problematic?
  • Experience - Have they handled your type of transaction before? How long have they been in business? 
  • Frugality - Are they upfront about ways you can save money? Are they willing to help you look for extra ways to keep costs down?
  • Friendliness - Is the company staffed by people you can get along with? Are they cheerful and approachable when you talk to them?
  • Reliability - Will they follow through on their projects? Can you count on them to complete things in a timely manner?

Trust Arrowhead Title, Inc. With Your Local Title Needs
If you are preparing to buy a house at the Lake of the Ozarks and looking for a title company to facilitate your transaction, we would be honored if you would consider Arrowhead Title, Inc. With over thirty years in business, we have helped hundreds of couples and individuals fulfill their homeownership dreams. To learn more about our title insurance services at the Lake of the Ozarks, visit our website:


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