Here's Why a Title Search is so Important

We talk frequently about the multitude of tasks and details that must be attended to during the process of buying real estate at the Lake of the Ozarks. We frequently mention the title search as a part of this process, but we realize that many of our readers may not have a clear, accurate understanding of the title search and how it relates to the overall real estate process. This week, we're delving deeper into the title search and the important role it plays in the process of buying property in Camden County MO (or anywhere else, for that matter).

The Title Search - An Overview

Before a home can be sold, a title search must be performed. When conducting a title search, our team carefully combs through a variety of documents and public records in search of important information that may apply to the title in question. These may include (but aren't necessarily limited to) records by surveyors, tax assessors, recorders of deeds, and county courts. Title searches serve two primary purposes: 1) to prove that the person selling the property does in fact have the authority to sell, and 2) to ensure that the buyer won't be assuming the seller's unpaid debts after the sale is complete.

Proving The Seller's Authenticity

In the vast majority of cases, the people trying to sell a home are the rightful owners and are choosing to sell for valid, honest reasons. While not especially common, however, there are instances where the supposed "sellers" are renters, squatters, or other individuals who are not the actual property owners and therefore do not have the authority to sell. A transaction completed by unauthorized sellers will be considered invalid if the actual owners surface and choose to contest it. 

Ensuring The Buyer Won't Assume The Seller's Debts

If a property owner neglects, refuses, or is unable to fulfill certain required payments, a lien may be placed against his land title. A lien is an official notice that enables creditors to collect money owed to them by prohibiting a home from being sold until after the lien has been satisfied. The lien may be paid off at any point; the property owner does not have to wait until the sale of the property to satisfy the lien. If the property owner is a little short on cash, however, he may wait until the sale and use the proceeds to pay off the lien.

A lien is typically attached to a piece of property, not an individual. If a home were to be sold without its lien first being satisfied, the buyer could be held financially responsible for the lien even though he did not personally incur the debt. Experienced title experts like the team at Arrowhead Title, Inc. rarely let such information slip by them - however, in the event that this type of issue is somehow missed, title insurance will serve to protect the buyer's interests.

Trust Arrowhead Title To Perform Your Title Search

If you are buying a house or a piece of commercial property in the Tri-County Area, we hope you'll consider our Lake of the Ozarks title company to fulfill your title needs. Professionalism and superior service are of the utmost importance in our office. We promise to handle your transaction with the precision and accuracy that we would our own. For more information about our title services in central Missouri, visit our website at

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