Why Would I Need a Title Search vs Owners and Encumbrance

Purchasing your Lake of the Ozarks home can come with a few unexpected expenses.  When faced with the decisions of what title insurance to choose when buying your home, count on Arrowhead Title, Inc., to help accurately answer the questions you may have. 

O&E vs Title Search

As a new home buyer, the question of whether to get a full title search or an owner and encumbrance (also known as a title report) may come up in your home search process.  It is important to first understand the difference between the two. 

Owner & Encumbrance

Owner and encumbrance reports are simplified non-insurance title reports designed for informational purposes only.  Also known as a property report, this report is a limited search of public records.  It does not provide any insurance. However, the title search does provide valuable information concerning the property such as the property’s most recent owner, taxes owed on the property, outstanding deed of trust, and possible liens.
An owner and encumbrance report is not sufficient for title insurance coverage.  However, it is a helpful tool that can be provided by your title insurance company; it is often used by buyers at estate auctions to be aware of any current issues or title matters. 

Full Title Search

The full title search is compiled by the title company.  The title company performs a search of county public records in order to issue title insurance, and liens against property are listed as “exceptions” to a title policy.  The title report will include a legal description – basically, a written description of the property’s location and boundaries encompassed within the property.  The majority of what is included the legal description is what you won’t see in your real estate marketing.  The title report also includes property taxes and mortgage liens. 
A full title search will show the full chain of title on the property.  A title search is the running of the title, an abstract of title, that goes back 30 years for title insurance purposes.

As a Home Buyer, what do I need?

If you are invested in owning property, the full title search is the way to go.  Contact your title insurance company at the Lake of the Ozarks to get the full details on your property, going back for decades.  This way, you are aware of the main title issues before purchasing.  You are also then qualified to get title insurance, which is important to protect your property ownership. 

Contact Arrowhead Title, Inc. For Your Full Title Search!

For these reasons, we strongly encourage you to purchase a full title search when you are considering buying property at the Lake of the Ozarks.  Contact our title insurance team at the Lake of the Ozarks and let us put our customized services and leading technology to work for you for your next real estate transaction.

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