Does a New Construction Need Title Insurance?

Buying a newly constructed home has a special, extra level of excitement connected to it. With brand new appliances, unused bathrooms, and unscathed walls, your brand new home will be an exciting prospect. You may be thinking that you don't need title insurance for the property. You will be the very first owners of the home after all! This is not exactly true. At Arrowhead Title, our experts are the best title agents at the Lake of the Ozarks and we know there are a lot of important reasons to get title insurance for your new construction. Read on to learn more!

Land Ownership

If your new home is in a subdivision, it will be important to make sure that the parcels of land were correctly divided at the beginning. Your brand new house has never been lived in or owned by someone else, but the land may have a complicated history that could threaten your property ownership. If there is fraud, forgery, or unresolved liens on the land, you could end up having to pay large fines to fix the issue or possibly even lose the land out from underneath your new home.

Liens from Contractors

Whether you are buying the home from a developer or you hired a building company that outsources some of its projects, there could be a lien on the property that you don't know about. If the developer or builder did not pay one or more of the contractors, it will create a lien on your property that you could be responsible for. Even if you've already paid the company in charge, the lien will fall to you and could threaten your ownership. There are several other different types of liens that could be placed on your home as well, so it's better to be safe than sorry and make sure you have title insurance!


It can be common to find a mistake on records down the road that was made by registrars or recorders. Without title insurance, their mistake could cost you. Even errors as small as a slight misspelling of your name or the square footage of the home could have an impact on the home buying process and could result in you having to pay hefty fines to repair the errors.

Best Title Agency at the Lake 

Arrowhead Title prioritizes accuracy and integrity. We work hard to make sure you are aware of every possible situation associated with the land or home you are buying. Work with us for peace of mind and purchase title insurance that you will stay protected even after you leave our offices. Call today to learn more and set up your appointment!

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