Real Estate Forgery - Can it Happen to Me?

Forgery sounds like something that only happens in the movies, or on the rare occasion in big companies or personal checks. However, it is actually becoming quite common in the real estate industry. Are you protected? Arrowhead Title is the best title agency at the Lake of the Ozarks and we have the knowledge and experience to help protect you from the dangers of forgery on your title. Read on to learn more about how forgery happens and how to prevent it!

How Does Real Estate Forgery Happen?

When someone forges a homeowner's name on a property deed, they are committing forgery. They then use that title to claim ownership of the property. People who commit this fraud are usually able to get the deed notarized under false pretenses. They can then use the deed to take out a mortgage loan on the property and collect the money for themselves. It can take a long time for the bank to catch the issue. Sometimes it is too late.

Who Has to Deal With It? 

Whether or not the forger is caught, the problem is going to fall to you to solve. The forger will suffer some consequences like fines, felony charges, and potential jail time. However, the ownership of your home could still be threatened. 

How Will I Know if This Happens? 

The first thing that should alert you to the fact that you have fallen victim to real estate forgery is if you start receiving documents in the mail about a mortgage that you did not apply for. If you stop receiving property tax bills or receive a notice that there is a default on your home loan, then those are big red flags. If a county recorder contacts you about a deed recording you didn't sign, that is another big clue that something has gone wrong. If any of these things start happening to you, it is important to take action right away.

There is a Solution 

The minute you suspect that you have become a victim of real estate fraud from a forged deed, it is important to contact your local law enforcement immediately. After you alert the authorities, you should consult with a licensed real estate attorney. Legal action must be taken in order to void the deed. This is called a "quiet title." This will help clear any fraudulent and improperly recorded deeds on your property.

Get Insured!

If you purchased title insurance when you bought your home, chances are that you are covered under your title insurance policy. That is why title insurance is so vitally important. The policy is designed to protect you from losses that come from title defects. Prior forgeries, like a forged deed, is one of those defects that insurance policies can cover.

Your Title Agency at the Lake

Arrowhead Title believes that accuracy matters! We are the best title company at the Lake of the Ozarks because we do everything possible to ensure that your home is protected. With our title services and insurance, you can rest easy knowing your property title is free and clear of any defects. Don't risk becoming a victim of forgery, hire Arrowhead Title!

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