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What's The Purpose Of A Commitment For Title Insurance?

It's time! After months of searching and negotiating, you've finally found your dream home and come to an agreement with the sellers. You know how much you're paying for the home and what is included in the purchase, and your loan approval process is well underway. Should be smooth sailing from here, right? Hopefully, yes, but there is one last step standing in between you and the purchase of your home: the commitment for title insurance . This detailed report will provide you with a description of the current owner of the home and any outstanding liens and encumbrances that may be placed on the title. Before continuing with the purchase of your home at the Lake of the Ozarks , it is important to look over the commitment for title insurance thoroughly and make sure there aren't any major issues with the property. What's Contained In A Commitment For Title Insurance? The commitment report contains valuable information about the state of the title and out

Passport to the Parkway

The Lake of the Ozarks is a great place to own and operate a business. Our community is always looking for ways to support local companies, and this week is no exception! This week marks the second year of the Lake's newest and best shopping event: Passport to the Parkway. Your friends at Arrowhead Title, Inc. are here to help you out with all the details! Passport to the Parkway ~  Event Overview Designed to promote local businesses at the Lake of the Ozarks, Passport to the Parkway is a two-week shopping event that encourages both residents and tourists to give back to local companies along Osage Beach Parkway. Not only will participants be supporting our local economy - they will also have the opportunity to win one of several big prizes! Passport to the Parkway ~  Event Details Passport to the Parkway runs from April 15th-30th, 2015 . Joining in the fun couldn't be easier. All you have to do is stop in at one of the participating businesses along the

Types Of Property Liens

We spend a lot of time discussing how title insurance is your first defense against complications with your future home, such as unknown liens against the property. This week, we wanted to take a closer look at some examples of these types of liens and the impact they can have on your property. The Basics of Property Liens Essentially, a lien is a claim against your property stating that you owe a certain creditor money for an unpaid debt. By placing the lien, the creditor secures the property as collateral against the debt. If the debt ultimately remains unpaid, the creditor may seize the property as a way of repaying the loan. Different Types of Property Liens Some liens are voluntary; the property owners knowingly and willingly place the lien on their home in order to take out a loan. This is commonly used when homeowners take out second mortgages in order to fund home improvements, debt consolidation, or a child's college education.  Most types of property