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Will a 1031 Exchange Benefit You?

When considering real estate options, there are several tax benefits that you may be eligible to take advantage of, including a 1031 exchange. Through a 1031 exchange, real estate owners can defer capital gain taxes when they sell a business or investment property and use the proceeds of the sale to purchase another property ‘similar’ to the first. Business owners and taxpayers who want to accomplish a wide range of business and/or investment objectives can reap many benefits by taking advantage of a 1031 exchange, take a look. Preservation of Equity  A properly structured 1031 exchange provides taxpayers the opportunity to defer 100% of both federal and/or state capital gain taxes, as well as depreciation recapture taxes. This essentially equals an interest-free, no-term loan on taxes due until the property is ultimately sold for cash. Leverage  Many taxpayers exchange from a property where they have a high-equity position or one that is “free and clear” into a larger an

More Coverage, More Peace of Mind

Title insurance offers financial protection against title problems that might not be found in the public records, are inadvertently missed in the title search process, or that may arise from fraud or forgery. The title policy required by a lender covers only the lender’s interest in a property. The homeowner’s policy, purchased at closing, provides coverage for the homeowner. If your home’s title is challenged, based on a situation covered in the policy, the title insurer will either perfect (establish a valid title) or pay for defending against the challenge and will either make perfect the title or cover the costs in the case of a valid claim. Let's take a look at the different types of title coverage at the Lake of the Ozarks you can purchase to protect your investment. Comprehensive Coverage There are two types of Owner’s title insurance policies certified by the American Land Title Association® (ALTA®) – the Owner’s policy and the Homeowner’s policy. The Owner’s policy

Why You Need Title Insurance

If you are in the process of buying your first home, you're probably feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the costs you may not have been expecting. If you have had past experience, you are probably familiar with all of the costs associated with buying a home - but that doesn't make them any less stressful! Inspections, appraisals, earnest money... all of these things tend to add up very quickly. So why title insurance, then? When you're juggling all of these costs, the last thing you probably want to do is sign up for additional fees. You may be tempted to push title insurance off to the side, but your friends at  Arrowhead Title  are here to tell you why purchasing  title insurance at the Lake of the Ozarks  is an absolutely critical part of the home buying process. The importance of title insurance can be summed up in a single sentence: Title insurance protects the biggest investment you will make in a lifetime. Their homes are the largest purchases most people

Dealing with Property Encroachments

Buying a new home is supposed to be one of the most exciting times in your life! However, while walking the property line you notice that the neighbors fence goes right through your lot... Unfortunately, this is an issue that could potentially become a major problem in the future if you try to claim back what's rightfully yours. After all, nobody wants to be THAT neighbor... but if you're paying for it, you should get what's rightfully yours. Arrowhead Title runs into these problems regularly and wants to help you prepare for these types of surprises BEFORE you close the deal. Take a look at what a property encroachment can mean for your investment and how we can help. What Is A Property Encroachment? A property encroachment is exactly what its name implies - it occurs when your neighbor encroaches on your property. Typically, this happens when your neighbor's fence, storage shed, landscaping, pool, and/or section(s) of their house cross over the property line a