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9 Things to do After Closing on Your New Home

Besides updating your address with your financial institutions, doctors, work, etc., and transferring utilities and subscriptions to your new address, there are a few other things you should do after closing on your home at the Lake of the Ozarks that can easily be overlooked.   We wanted to make it easy for you with 9 helpful tips. 1) Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You rely on them to alert us if something goes wrong, so making sure they are in working order only makes sense. 2) Check water heater. You may find the hot water temperature has been decreased while the home was not in use. Water temperature and pressure can be adjusted on your hot water heater, so you will want to adjust those to suit your preferences.   It is also recommended to drain the water tank annually to remove sediment, and now is a good time to do that and start fresh. 3) HVAC maintenance. It is a good habit to have your HVAC system inspected twice a year and tuned up every 2-3 years.   G

Appraisal v. Inspection … it’s AND not OR

People sometimes wonder if they need a home inspection or an appraisal when buying a home because they think they are pretty much the same thing.  However, there are some important differences. An appraisal is about determining the value of your home .  It is something your lender wants so they know the property is worth what they are loaning you for it. An inspection is about determining the condition of the home and any existing or potential problems it may have.  So, while the appraisal is more for the bank’s purpose, an inspection is to educate the buyer about the condition of the home he/she is purchasing. Real estate appraisers abide by state established standards and licensing practices and have the background of experience to determine an accurate value of your home.  Several factors are considered in an appraisal.  The location of the home and the quality of schools, medical facilities, and other community features will affect appraisal value. The size of the home, the size o

7 Exciting Events Happening at the Lake This Weekend!

 At Arrowhead Title, we see the joyful faces of countless people as they achieve their dream of purchasing a home at the Lake of the Ozarks .  We totally get it too!  We LOVE living at the lake!  Partly because there is so much to do and see here.  We thought you would be interested in the exciting events happening at Lake of the Ozarks  this weekend… starting tonight! 5/14 - Hot Summer Nights This car show is a local favorite featuring motorcycles, cars, and trucks of all ages, makes, and models. The theme this year is “A Slice of Americana” and the Strip will be transformed into a scene of pure nostalgia as classic vehicles line the Strip and take turns cruising.   Admission is free – for spectators and participants!   5/14 – In Water Boat Show If you have never been to an in-water boat show this is one you should not miss.   There will be vendors with all the latest and greatest marine and safety products.   Watercraft of a

How Arrowhead Title can Help you Close Confidently!

Buying real estate at the Lake of the Ozarks is a large financial decision, and one that should be done with the utmost care. After all, you want your investment to be assured and protected, right? One way to guarantee your property rights are protected is to utilize a reputable title company at the Lake of the Ozarks . They'll take the steps needed to uncover any hidden hazards that could threaten your ownerships rights before the final purchase. Protecting Your Ownership Rights Your financial future is on the line when you purchase real estate at the Lake of the Ozarks, and it is our job at Arrowhead Title to ward off any potential hazards that could threaten your right to use and occupy your property after closing. Believe it or not, there are actually several things that can threaten new property owners. Here are a few examples: If his/her signature was not obtained at closing, the ex-spouse of the seller could express ownership rights over the property. An unknown will could