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Why People Love Calling the Lake Home

As a title company in Lake Ozark , Arrowhead Title knows there is just something about the Lake of the Ozarks that makes people fall in love with it.  If you live here or have visited, you understand what we mean. There definitely is a reason that it is a premier vacation destination. From being centrally located in the state, and the nation, to its exceptionally beautiful landscape, and lots of unique things to do, the Lake of the Ozarks has the diversity to appeal to just about everybody. If you are thinking about moving here full-time, and wondering what that would be like, read on to hear about three things that make Lake of the Ozarks a great place to call home! Location The Ozarks is conveniently located in the center of the state, which is nestled in the heartland of America. If you have family living all over the state or all over the country, Lake of the Ozarks makes a convenient home base to visit everyone else from. Or even better, it is an easy central location for everyon

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Selling Their House

Have you decided it’s finally the right time to sell your home at Lake of the Ozarks ? Congratulations! We hope you make a great return on your investment. As a title company in Lake Ozark , we have helped with a lot of real estate closings at the Lake of the Ozarks . We have noticed a few things we think would help you while preparing your home to sell. If you would like to hear about 5 things not to do when you’re getting ready to sell your home, just keep reading! 1) Skipping repairs It’s not uncommon for there to be a few things around the house that need to be fixed. Once you decide you’re not staying in the home they can seem a little less important. But unfinished repairs can give a buyer the impression that the house is not well-maintained. They might then wonder what hidden problems they could find if they buy your house.  Making needed repairs may keep some people from being scared off and help you attract the best buyers for your property. 2) Not staging Sellers can

Closing Documents – Knowing What You Will Be Signing

If you are in the process of buying a house at the lake of the Ozarks , the day of your real estate closing will be an exciting one! You have anticipated it for weeks, and it is here at long last. You will finally get to take possession of your new home. But you’re also going to be signing some very important documents. Do you understand exactly what they are? At Arrowhead Title we are very focused on communicating clearly with our clients and educating them so they know exactly what is happening at any stage of the closing process. Today's blog is dedicated to explaining closing documents so you know exactly what you’re signing when you get to your closing day. If you aren’t sure exactly what documents are involved and what they mean, keep reading. We think you will find this blog helpful and informative. The Loan Application This is the application that you completed to apply for a mortgage. Your lender and title company will be working together throughout the process, and t

What Could Delay Your Real Estate Closing?

  A real estate closing is a complicated transaction involving many different factors that have to all come together seamlessly.   Once a closing date is decided, the expectations are set for the buyer and seller.   But a closing date is not an absolute, it is a target.   Between the time you sign a contract and the time you close, there will be the inspection, the appraisal, and the mortgage commitment from the lender.   There may also be contingencies in the contract.   Each one of those parts of the process can potentially create a delay or another action step that needs to be taken in order to close the real estate transaction. An experienced title company at Lake of the Ozarks will be very familiar with the closing process and potential delays and will be a great asset in determining a realistic closing date.   At Arrowhead Title , we know you are excited to close, and we also know there may be a lot of other things that depend on you closing on time.  So, we handle every closi

Settling Into Your New Home – What to Do After Closing

The moment you have waited for his finally arrived! You get to move into your new home at Lake of the Ozarks .   For weeks you have waited with anticipation for this day to come for come, and you may have dreamed of it for years! As you settle in and start making the house your home, there are a few important things that many homeowners overlook after their real estate closing at Lake of the Ozarks . Our title company in Lake Ozark cares about you and your new adventure, and we want to make it easy for you to transition to your new life at the lake. So, we invite you to read this blog with a few key things you should do after you close on a home at Lake of the Ozarks . Locks Safety first! You don’t have any idea who might have a copy of the key to your house. So, one of the first things you want to do is to hire a locksmith and change out the locks or keypads. Documents & Receipts Your home is likely to be a very busy place as you are moving in and arranging everything. Before