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Title Insurance Provides One-of-a-Kind Protection

As a homeowner, there are several things you can do to protect your investment, such as thoroughly reviewing the inspection to identify potential issues and purchasing homeowners insurance to guard against the financial loss that may result from a fire or natural disaster. These two examples aren't the only pieces to the puzzle. However,  Arrowhead Title, Inc.  is here to reexamine another important aspect of protecting your investment. How Title Insurance Protects Your Investment Title insurance provides one-of-a-kind protection for property owners and lenders. Whereas other types of insurance focus on the potential of financial loss relating to the property itself, title insurance guards against financial loss that may relate to a owner's right to use and occupy his land. It also protects lenders' investments by guarding against owners who may default on their mortgage loans. Before a title policy is issued, your  Lake of the Ozarks title company  will conduct a th

Protect Your Investment with a Homeowner's Title Policy

Title insurance offers financial protection against title problems that might not be found in the public records, are inadvertently missed in the title search process or that may arise from fraud or forgery. The title policy required by a lender covers only the lender’s interest in a property. That's why it's strongly suggested that every buyer purchase title insurance that covers their interest as well. The homeowner’s policy, purchased at closing, provides coverage for the homeowner. If your home’s title is challenged, based on a situation covered in the policy, the title insurer will either perfect (establish a valid title) or pay for defending against the challenge and will either make perfect the title or cover the costs in the case of a valid claim. Types of Owner's Policies There are two types of Owner’s title insurance policies certified by the American Land Title Association® (ALTA®) – the Owner’s policy and the Homeowner’s policy. The Owner’s policy prot

Avoid the Risk of Losing Your Biggest Investment

If you're approaching the closing date for your new home, it's quite possible that you're feeling a bit squeezed by all of the costs you've been expected to cover so far - especially when you consider that you don't even own the house yet! Appraisals, inspections, earnest money... these things aren't cheap, and somehow you're expected to pay for all of them. As the closing date draws nearer, you're probably looking for opportunities to cut costs in any way you can. While we certainly empathize with your predicament, your friends at Arrowhead Title, Inc. are here to make sure you know that title insurance is not the cost to cut. Not Having Title Insurance Can Be Devastating When you sign on the dotted line and become the proud owner of your new home, you also become the (maybe not quite as proud) owner of any problems associated with the house. The seller is off the hook. What happens, then, if you find out afterwards that the seller was a mino

Tips for Choosing the Right Title Insurance

If you've ever bought a home, you know that the process requires the full (and careful) integration of many moving parts. The sellers, buyers, lenders, and real estate agents must work together to bring the transaction to a successful resolution. However, these important parties aren't the only ones who will be closely involved in the transaction process. While you as a buyer or seller may not realize it, a  Lake of the Ozarks title company  will also play a crucial role. What Does The Title Company Do? While first-time buyers generally do not understand the role a title company plays as well as they understand lenders' or realtors' responsibilities, that does not mean a title company's role is any less important. Here is a quick look at the types of responsibilities a title company will fulfill during the closing process: Ensuring validity of the title Issuing the title insurance policies Serving as the escrow agent Essentially, it is up to the title c