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9 Documents to Expect at Closing, Part 1

Closing day! It is a thrilling time when the house of your dreams is almost yours. Just a few - or a LOT - of papers to sign. As the best title company at the Lake of the Ozarks , Arrowhead Title knows exactly what documents are coming your way. Read on to learn the first four major documents you will want to be ready to review and sign on closing day, and call us for a team you can trust. We would love to help you prepare for and navigate the closing process! 1) Closing Disclosure This is a document that is required by federal law for all home purchases, and it details the final terms of your loan. This includes the loan's APR (annual percentage rate), interest rate, projected monthly payment, closing costs, and payments due by both the seller and buyer at closing. The responsibility for the accuracy on this document lies with your mortgage lender. However, it is always a good idea to double-check the numbers to ensure they closely resemble the loan application that you a

Is Refinancing Right for Me?

Have you been considering refinancing your home? In some cases, this could save a significant amount of money over the life of your loan. However, in some cases, it could actually not be worth it. As the best title company at the Lake of the Ozarks , Arrowhead Title knows how the process works and we have a few tips on how to tell if a home refinance is right for you and what to do if you decide to take the plunge. Read on to learn more! Mortgage Rates Something that typically prompts individuals to consider refinancing is when they see that the rates have started to drop from where they were when they first purchased their home. Before you get on the phone with your lender, consider the true difference between the new rates and your current rate. It is standardly recommended that you wait to refinance until the difference between those two rates is at least 2%. Some experts say, however, that a 1% gap could make a big enough difference in the long-term to be beneficial. Howev

Why Buying Your Vacation Home in the Winter Could be Perfect

You know you want to move to the Lake of the Ozarks and make your lakeside living dream come true. Congratulations! As you consider when to start the home buying process, you may want to think about buying your home in the winter for several reasons. Arrowhead Title is the best title company at the Lake of the Ozarks and we have been established at the Lake for 35 years. Our experience has shown us that it can actually be better to buy a home at the Lake in what is commonly considered the "off-season". Read on to learn more about why buying a home this winter could be the perfect move for you! Prices Trend Higher in Warmer Months Homebuyers are much more active in the warmer months because they are more motivated and pressed for time to buy their lake home before the summer season begins. This over-saturation of demand can drive the prices up. Sellers know that there is more competition for their home, so they list at higher prices and can make interested parties c

4 Important FAQs About Escrow Services!

Closing on a home is a complicated process. If you aren't familiar with the process, it can be difficult to understand the terminology and certain common procedures. Arrowhead Title 's experts are there for you throughout the process to help you understand every step and feel more prepared. We have the best escrow services at the Lake of the Ozarks , and we are happy to help be your guide. Read on to learn more about escrow accounts and what we offer as part of our escrow settlement services. What is the Purpose of an Escrow Account? Escrow accounts - or reserve accounts as some call them - are set up by a third-party to handle payments between the buyer and lender of a real estate transaction. These accounts help protect the lender's investment in a buyer by loading the account ahead of time. It also is helpful to the buyer because they only have to make one payment to the escrow account, rather than trying to handle separate payments to the mortgage lender, insura

Hear From Fans Why Arrowhead Title is the Best!

Arrowhead Title is the best title company at the Lake of the Ozarks for many reasons! We provide you with dynamic solutions to all aspects of your real estate transaction - from professional, accurate title services that protect your investment to escrow and settlement services that handle your funds with the utmost integrity. We care about you and the success of your real estate transactions, and our clients agree! But don't just take it from us... Read on to hear from some of our customers and learn about their experience with our team at Arrowhead Title . Facebook Reviews "Arrowhead Title is professional and competent. I have worked with them for years and refer them to my clients based on price, knowledge and customer service." ~ Karie J. "What a great team at Arrowhead! They are so easy to work with and help make every purchase a breeze!" ~ Christy W. " Arrowhead Title is awesome! Our closing date unexpectedly moved up a