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Closing Costs: What Are You Responsible For?

Buying and selling real estate is a complicated transaction that requires careful attention and precision from every party involved. In addition to the funds being transferred as a result of the sale, there are multiple expenses that must be satisfied in order to complete the transaction. These expenses are commonly referred to as "closing costs."  Arrowhead Title, Inc.  is here to help you get a better understanding of closing costs and who is responsible for them. What Is Included In The Closing Costs? While the exact closing costs vary from transaction to transaction, here are a few examples of items that are commonly included in the closing costs: Loan origination fees Title insurance Survey fee Appraisal fee Property tax Underwriting fee Title search Homeowners association fees (if applicable) The dollar amount associated with the closing costs varies, but in general, buyers can expect to pay somewhere between 2.5% and 4% of the sale price. View our e

5 Myths of Title Insurance - Debunked!

Title insurance is arguably one of the least understood aspects of the home closing process. We have found that most people either respond to the questions about title insurance with blank stares, vague responses, or incorrect information. Today, the team at  Arrowhead Title, Inc.  is here to clear up some of the misunderstandings about  title insurance at the Lake of the Ozarks  by debunking some of the myths surrounding the title insurance industry. 1. MYTH:   Title insurance automatically comes with the house. FACT:   Most lenders will require a title search and a title insurance policy to cover their loan, but these services are not included in the purchase of the home. Home buyers will be responsible for purchasing these extra services at closing. 2. MYTH:   There's only one type of title insurance. FACT:   There are actually two types of title insurance: lender's title policies and owner's title policies. Lender's policies protect the lender in the event

Join Us at the 29th Annual Kiwanis Christmas for Kids Charity Event!

The Christmas season is a magical time of the year, filled with beautiful lights, enticing packages, amazement, and wonder. Children and adults look forward to Christmas all year long, filled with anticipation over what this year's festivities will bring. Sadly, there are millions of children all over the world who will not get to celebrate a wondrous Christmas. These less fortunate children (including thousands in the Lake Area alone) are lucky to simply have food to eat on any given day. For these children, the prospect of getting gifts for Christmas may not be much more than a far-off dream.  That's why the  Kiwanis Club of Lake Ozark  and multiple businesses come together every year to host one of the biggest and best charity events of the year: Lake Area Christmas For Kids. As a proud supporter of this great event,  Arrowhead Title, Inc.  is here to fill you in on all the details for this year's festivities. Lake Area Christmas For Kids Lake Area Christmas For

4 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Title Company

As a buyer, it will typically be up to you to select the title company you wish to handle your real estate transaction. Considering their close involvement in the process, it is important that you select a title company you know you can trust. Our   Lake of the Ozarks title company   is here to help you gather the information you need to make an informed decision. Your title company will be intimately involved with your transaction process. The title company is responsible for: Holding your earnest money check in escrow Conducting a title search to make sure your title is free and clear prior to transfer Preparing the title and deed Issuing a title policy to protect your right to use and occupy your land Facilitating the final transaction to ensure that all debts are paid and that the remaining funds are distributed to the appropriate parties As you interview potential title companies, asking these questions can help you judge their experience and capability. 1. How