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What is “Chain of Title” and How Does it Protect Your Investment?

Title insurance protects property owners' right to use and occupy their land.  For some homes and/or properties, the title can be limited by rights and claims asserted by other individuals.  If someone else brings a claim against your property, your ability to use and enjoy the land may be reduced and/or you may suffer great financial loss.  That's where title insurance comes in. Title insurance is your first line of defense against these potential hazards.  Property is often the biggest investment most people make in their lifetimes, and it is crucial to protect this investment with title insurance. Title Insurance Focuses on Risk Prevention Whereas other forms of insurance guard against risks by assisting you after an incident occurs, title insurance manages your risks by focusing on preventing risks BEFORE they occur.  In order to do this, title insurance companies rely heavily on something that is known as "chain of title." What is "Chain of Titl

Reasons a Title Search is so Important When Buying Property

We talk frequently about the multitude of tasks and details that must be attended to during the process of buying real estate at the Lake of the Ozarks . We frequently mention the title search as a part of this process, but we realize that many of our readers may not have a clear, accurate understanding of the title search and how it relates to the overall real estate process. This week, we're delving deeper into the title search and the important role it plays in the process of buying property in Camden County, MO (or anywhere else, for that matter). The Title Search - An Overview Before a home can be sold, a title search must be performed. When conducting a title search, our team carefully combs through a variety of documents and public records in search of important information that may apply to the title in question. These may include (but aren't necessarily limited to) records by surveyors, tax assessors, recorders of deeds, and county courts. Title searches serve tw

Common Reasons Your Real Estate Closing May be Delayed

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, closing a transaction isn't always cut and dry.  There typically tends to be at least a few small hiccups along the way.  As a buyer or seller, you may not see those hiccups because your lender, real estate agent, and title company at the Lake of the Ozarks are working on the back end to address the issues as quickly and painlessly as possible.  While these hiccups may not always be seen by you, they do happen.  Unfortunately, some problems that arise can cause delays in the closing process.  And while closing delays are not extremely common, they can still happen.   Whether you are in the process of buying or selling a home at the Lake of the Ozarks , or you are planning on buying or selling a home in the future, it is important that you understand that there CAN be delays in a real estate closing.  A common misconception that both buyers and sellers often have is that the closing date in a real estate contract is actually whe

Get Ready for the 2019 Duck Drop!

As long-time members of the Lake of the Ozarks community, the team at Arrowhead Title, Inc . is proud to support all the great events that take place around our area.  One organization that is particularly close to our hearts is Kiwanis Club of Ozark Coast .  This week, we want to take the opportunity to give you a heads up on a fantastic community event that supports Kiwanis (and countless other local organizations) - The Great Bagnell Dam Duck Drop . About The Great Bagnell Dam Duck Drop The Great Bagnell Dam Duck Drop is a fun-filled event for people of all ages. The event offers two main attractions: The Duck Drop Golf Tournament and the Family Fun Zone. In addition to being great fun for the general public, both of these events raise money to benefit local kids through a variety of local organizations. Proceeds from the golf tournament benefit: Lake Area Big Brothers Big Sisters Ozark Coast Kiwanis Proceeds from the Family Fun Zone and Duck Drop benefit: Ozark C

Closing on a Real Estate Transaction & Your Title Company's Role in the Process

When closing on a real estate transaction, there are a lot of steps that must be taken and processes that must be completed to ensure a smooth and timely closing. When buying a home or property, there are several parties that will be involved in the process: your real estate agent, the lender, any vendors you may need throughout the process, the inspector and/or appraiser, and of course your title company. Selecting a title company to facilitate your closing is an important part of buying property at the Lake of the Ozarks . Your title company will fill an important role in the transaction process, so it's crucial that you find a reliable, accurate company you can trust. Most buyers have heard this advice several times. They know that selecting a good title company is important, but many homebuyers know very little about what a title company truly is or what we actually do. This week, Arrowhead Title, Inc. is here to help explain the important role we fill as a title company