Just Closed on Your New Home? Here’s What to do After Closing!

Whether you are moving to the Lake of the Ozarks from someplace else, or have lived here all your life, closing on a new house at Lake the Ozarks is the beginning of a new adventure. There are so many things that make the quality of life here exceptional. As a title company in Lake Ozark, we know you will be excited to move into your new home and start making it your own. As you get settled in, there are a few things that are easy to overlook, but quite important for you to do. At Arrowhead Title we care about your safety, and we want your experience in your new home to be wonderful. So, if you would like to hear a few simple things that are important to do after your real estate closing at Lake of the Ozarks, we have them right here for you in this blog.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide poisoning accidents and house fires occur more in the fall and winter when people are using their furnaces. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors save lives, there is no doubt, and it is so easy to do a quick check through your whole house. If you don’t have them, pick them up at your local home improvement store. If you do have them, test the batteries. While you’re at it, why not take a few minutes to think about an escape plan should you have a house fire? It’s always better to know ahead of time what to do than to try to figure it out in the middle of an emergency.

Circuit Breaker and Shut Off Valves

Similarly, you want to know where your breaker box and water shut-off valves are in your new home. If you have a water line break, or an electrical issue, every second counts. Knowing where your breaker box and shut-off valves are can save you precious time. If you discover you only have a main water valve and it’s difficult to get to, you may consider having shut-off valves added for safety and convenience.

Water Heater

With the water table in Missouri, odds are your water heater has some mineral buildup, especially if you do not have a water softener. You may have sediment settled in the bottom of the tank, you may have minerals crusting up on your heating element. Preventative maintenance is usually cheaper, and water heaters should be drained and flushed occasionally to keep sediment and buildup from causing your water heater to work less efficiently or not last its full lifespan.


Your HVAC system is another component of your house that needs regular maintenance. When it comes to heating and cooling, you want to be comfortable and know your system is running efficiently. But you also need to know it is safe. Having a normal HVAC maintenance check, where a professional will inspect wires, electrical connections, and look for any safety issues, is a worthy investment for the safety of you and your home.

Keep Track of Paperwork

Some of the most important paperwork in your file cabinet will be loose in your hands as you move everything you own into your new house. One of the first things you should consider doing is to designate a file box and a spot to keep all of your important records and information, especially your real estate closing documents. You also will want to put receipts for moving expenses and any move-in, repair, and maintenance expenses. Reach out to your CPA to see what documents may be helpful or necessary when filing your taxes. Once you have your permanent file cabinet in place, you can transfer those important documents into their permanent location.


Last but not least, be sure to change your locks right away! You don’t have any idea who has had access or may still have a key or code to the home you just bought. So be ready to change those out immediately after taking possession of your new house.

Happy Homecoming!

Welcome to your new home! We hope your move is relatively easy and your transition is smooth. We know you’re going to love Lake of the Ozarks and all of the wonderful things that it has the offer! We are so happy you are part of this community.  If you have any real estate closing questions, we are your trusted title agency at Lake of the Ozarks since 1984. If you would enjoy hearing more tips and information from Arrowhead Title regarding real estate at Lake of the Ozarks or life at the lake, we have links to our social media channels below so you can follow us with ease!

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